Flight N°1 in Canada: It is time to head to these oil fields!

For the 1st flight in Canada, the targets were the oil fields in Frog Lake and Lloydminster as well as the powerplants in the west of Edmonton.

Edmonton, 11.08.2022

  • The first flight was a success for the campaign. The cloudless weather conditions were very favorable for all instrument teams. After the first quicklooks of the collected data, signals from the different methane and carbon dioxide sources could be identified by our instruments. More to come after the data analysis…

We also take pictures next to our measurements… Here are the oil fields and refineries:

We had a view outside of the aircraft, let’s now have a look inside of the aircraft!

After a long (but successful) day the team is back on the ground and HALO can go to the hangar.

It continues with the second flight of this campaign with the Athabasca Oil Sands as target!

Take care!