Flight N°3: Mackenzie Delta and in person meeting with AVIRIS-NG team

On the 12th August, we headed north to the 210 kilometer Mackenzie River Delta wetland corridor in the Canadian Arctic.

In addition, we stopped halfway in Inuvik and met the AVIRIS-NG team (NASA) in person.

Edmonton, 15.08.2022

  • The weather could not have been much better than yesterday. Clear skies, warm temperatures, decent wind and reasonably high boundary layer height.
  • Our refueling stop in Inuvik went smoothly. Everything was well organized.
  • It was reported that it was a fantastic experience for the team on board to enjoy the view of the delta from above!

  • Our flight route on the Mackenzie Delta, Canada:
  • Look at the impressive wetlands we could observe from HALO:
  • Meet the AVIRIS-NG team in Inuvik while HALO is refueling…
  • HALO’s 1000th landing

After this successful flight, the crew of the day celebrated HALO’s 1000th landing! Cheers to the pilots, the flight facility (FX) crew and the instrumentists!

On the 16th, we will fly in the direction of the Peace Athabasca Delta with a landing in Yellowknife for the Open House day together with the ABoVe mission group (NASA).