Flight N°4: Wetlands back on the menu: Peace-Athabasca Delta

On the 16th of August, we flew over the Peace-Athabasca Delta, the largest freshwater inland river delta in North America.

Beside the measurement flight, an Open House in Yellowknife has been organized together with NASA to give people an opportunity to speak with research scientists and take tours of our aircraft. You can read about the Open House Day here.

Edmonton, 17.08.2022

  • Wetlands in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, a complex and dynamic ecosystem of rivers, lakes, channels, marshes, and grasslands of 3900 km2.
  • Hats off to our forecast-team!

Clear skies are required for our remote sensing instruments. Hence the flight routes have to be planned according to the weather forecasts. A team in Germany is responsible for them. Today, it was overcast on the the transfer flight to the Peace-Athabasca Delta but as soon as we entered the area of interest for the measurements, the sky cleared, allowing optimal conditions for the remote sensing instruments. What a timing!

  • Open House Day in Yellowknife with NASA

Read this post to learn more about what’s behind the beautiful yellow t-shirt curtain of CoMet2.0 members during Open House Day…

  • Flight pattern over the target area: Peace-Athabasca Delta
  • The face of an excited intern currently writing this blog who was on board of HALO today!