Open House Day in Yellowknife with NASA

Beside the measurement flight N°4 to the Peace-Athabasca Delta, an Open House in Yellowknife has been organized together with NASA to give people an opportunity to speak with research scientists and take tours of our aircraft.

Edmonton, 18.08.2022

About 30 Yellowknifers got up-close and personal with our research scientists and NASA’s Terrestrial Ecology Program during the event. (Emma Grunwald/CBC)

Visitors were able to take tours of HALO and ask questions to the CoMet scientists about the instruments and goals of the campaign.

Lea (SpecMACS) in conversation with NASA’s research pilot, Carrie Worth.

Andreas Fix (DLR) showing CHARM-F, the active remote sensing instrument (LiDAR) on board of HALO. (Emma Grunwald/CBC)

Charles Miller from NASA’s Terrestrial Ecology Program is conducting a major field campaign, the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE), in Alaska and western Canada, for 8 to 10 years, starting in 2015. ABoVE seeks a better understanding of the vulnerability and resilience of ecosystems and society to this changing environment. (Emma Grunwald/CBC)

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Andreas fix interviewed by the CBC News.